The Barn Owl – Uniquely Different

Live Out Loud Limited realises and celebrates the unique strengths, abilities, interests, talents and gifts of each individual child, young person, adult, parent and family we engage with. We enjoy collaborating with them to enhance engagement, participation, success and independence in all life settings, be it at home, in school, community and/or workplace. Live Out Loud hopes for each individual to engage, participate in and contribute to life and live a happy, meaningful, engaging and authentic life.

In order to achieve the above, Live Out Loud aims to deeply and sensitively tune in to the uniqueness of each individual and collaboratively design an environment in which the child or young person can flourish.

On celebrating all of the wonderfulness of each individual walking on this earth, especially neurodivergent individuals and those with an intellectual disability, the barn owl is an example of a creature who is teaching us about being ‘uniquely different’ and acknowledging all of the many abilities, strengths, interests, talents and gifts it has and the contribution it makes to the world they live in.

A few of the fascinating characteristics of the barn owl are the barn owl swallows its food whole; uses pellets to build its nets; is nocturnal hunters; has uneven ears; has excellent night vision; can memorise sounds; keeps farm pests away; can survive in a large range of habitats; females are more conspicuous than males; and males perform flight displays to attract females. How fabulous is that!?

Live Out Loud Limited’s logo had been designed by artist, Eliana Valentini.

Her Interpretation of our logo:
“The barn owl is a shy bird that prefers to live isolated in quiet and safe areas of the countryside. He has been persecuted for many centuries because of his creepy sound where superstitions associated his screech with misfortune or a negative sign.

This vulnerable bird might suddenly appear in front of our eyes in a different guise, showing us his hidden qualities and teaching us how to listen to his unique loud expression as a wide range of vocal effects. His heart-shaped face is reminding us that love makes us able to see beyond the appearances.”

Live Out Loud loves and enjoys connecting with parents, families and significant others in the lives of uniquely different neurodivergent individuals, especially those with an intellectual disability.