Co-Founder & Co-Director

Dr. Elsabé de Villiers

Educational & Counselling Psychologist

I am a sun- and sea-loving South African working and living in Ireland.   My dream for myself and for every individual in this world, is to be happy, well and Live Out Loud!  Also, to live a purposeful life and use every day to be my best authentic self, continue to grow as a person and contribute to the lives of others in the best way I can.  This is why I am here.

What warms my heart – no surprises here – is my family and friends, the sea, sun, nature, long walks, quiet time, listening to music, dancing, playing sport and laughing out loud! Those who have worked with me describe me as warm, understanding, accepting, grounded, calm, reflective, intuitive, down-to-earth, straight-forward though diplomatic, thorough, with quite a sense of humour and an infectious laugh. 

I work as a registered psychologist and educator and am passionate about my work.  I incorporate everything I have learnt about teaching and learning, special education and leadership in education.   I am a life-long learner.

My belief is that all children, young people, parents and families have strengths, abilities, interests, talents, gifts and needs.  My wish is that all individuals be known, validated and unconditionally loved and accepted for who they are to ensure they develop into their best authentic and congruent selves. 

I view my role as psychologist and educator as ensuring that every child and young person experiences a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity, where the child is known for who they are, unconditionally accepted, accommodated in safe and nurturing environments and is seen as an integrated, whole, unique individual.  Children and young people should be supported comprehensively, collaboratively and seamlessly in all settings, be it at home, at school or in the community.  

Success is achieved when significant others work together, around and with a child.  This makes sense and provides the best outcomes for all involved.

I follow an integrative framework and draw from different theoretical perspectives. I am accepting, committed and my approach is client-centred, neuro-affirmative, positive, strength-based and solution-focused.   The process is important, and this is also reflected in every workshop, programme or activity I creatively design – tailored to the specific client or audience.  

My life journey and experience

I gained my qualifications in South Africa (University of Stellenbosch & University of South Africa) and started my career as a secondary school teacher and school counsellor.  I then worked as a school and district psychologist at the Eden and Central Karoo Education Management and Development Centre. In 2008 I moved to Ireland and have since worked as an educational psychologist at a special school and also as part of a Children’s Disability Network Team.   As I thoroughly enjoy teaching and facilitating learning, I also have experience in teaching under- and post-graduate courses in Education, Special Education, Education Management and Special Needs Assisting.

The journey thus far has brought me to Live Out Loud – a support service with a difference – with the clear vision and mission to connect and walk with parents and families of children and young people who have additional educational needs – at their pace and when required. 

Moving forward, I would love to connect, work and walk with you! 

You are welcome!


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