Schools, Colleges, Universities

Live Out Loud works collaboratively and in close partnership with educational settings (schools, colleges and universities) that provide educational and or further training services to children and young people living with a mild to moderate general intellectual / learning disability.

Live Out Loud provides specialised, tailor-made and collaboratively designed support and intervention to schools and other educational settings in order for schools and other settings to:

  • facilitate children / young people to participate optimally in the mainstream and school settings
  • optimise children / young people‚Äôs learning opportunities in all life settings
  • support transitions for children / young people from one setting to the next

Live Out Loud

  • acknowledges and celebrates the school, college and university as partner(s) and expert(s)
  • supports the wellness of the school, college and university staff
  • provides regular contact with team members
  • provides education, training, information and resources

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