Individual Consultations

Live Out Loud works in close partnership with parents, families / family members of children and young people living with a mild to moderate general learning disability and recognises and acknowledges their personal circumstances.

The Live Out Loud team (maximum of two consultants) engages with individual families and listens to parents and children / young people and discusses what is important to all parties. This is done through a supportive environment that is both private and confidential.

A tailored Family Support and Intervention Plan (FSIP) with priorities and realistic targets is designed during the consultation process in collaboration with the family to meet the strengths, challenges and needs of families / family members in their life journey. Adopting this holistic way of work provides support towards strengthening family relationships.

The support and intervention facilitated through the individual consultation process with families / family members aim to achieve the following:

  • facilitate children / young people to participate optimally in the mainstream and community settings
  • optimise children’s / young people’s learning opportunities in all life settings
  • support transitions for children / young people from one setting to the next

 The team at Live Out Loud is dedicated and committed to all the families they work with and recognises the following key aspects are of utmost importance:

  • acknowledge and celebrate the parents, family / family members as partner(s) and expert(s)
  • strive to acknowledge, realise and celebrate the family’s unique strengths, abilities and expertise
  • enhance wellness and quality of life for all members of the family
  • provide regular contact via a keyworker system
  • provide coaching / mentoring to develop new skills
  • provide a link and offer support between all aspects of the child’s life – family, school, community and others
  • offer advocacy on behalf of parents and / or family